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July 25, 2022

Meno Like a Boss

Lusomé is partnering with BOSSA Bars this summer, collaborating on women's journeys through this particularly difficult time. Society acts as though not being subjected to the menstrual cycle is taboo. In a world where people put plenty of value on age, menopause is absolutely seen as a sign that a woman is "no longer young or attractive" or "no longer biologically useful." By 2030, approximately 1.2 billion women around the world will be experiencing symptoms of menopause, making it paramount to stop suffering in silence.

Today, we sat down with Julie Gordon White of BOSSA Bars and discussed with her the journey of her experience. As a mother of 3, wife, successful entrepreneur, author, and business coach for over 20 years, she decided to manage menopause just like she manages everything - like a BOSS. And, with a thoroughly researched strategic plan to take control of her life and help others going through the same thing.

How did your company begin?

"At 55, I decided that it was more important than ever to lose my menopause belly fat aka "Meno Middle", become as healthy as possible, and get control of my sweet and salty cravings. No more processed cookies and chips! Through trial and error, my saving grace was the energy bars I started making to keep cravings from sabotaging my effort. Having a reasonably sized and satisfying snack resulted in me losing 10 pounds, experiencing less brain fog, less fatigue, and overall feeling 10x better. So, in August of 2020, I and a mostly menopausal team of experts turned my plant-based recipe into delicious and nutritious female formulated energy bars that help women energize and empower menopause... aka #MenoLikeaBoss!"

What are the trends and changes that affect your industry?

"It sounds odd to say, but it's really an exciting time to be on a menopause journey! Women are finally willing to discuss this challenging yet incredible transition. It's crazy to think that fifty percent of the population goes through this experience, yet we weren't willing to talk about it. This is exactly why I leaned into menopause with our bars. I see them not only as delicious and convenient nutrition but also as a talking stick. When a woman takes a bar out of her purse, tote, gym bag, or desk at work, the bar becomes a conversation starter to help other women accept and even feel empowered in their own journey. By 2023 there will be a billion women in a stage of menopause, so the time is now to amplify the power of women in the Pause!"

What is your best customer story?

"One of our repeat customers, Lizzie B., told me that she has to hide her boxes of bars in the freezer under the frozen veggies to keep her teenage daughters from eating them! She defrosts one every day and cuts it in half to make it last longer. She said that way she can have a piece handy when her sugar cravings hit without breaking the calorie bank. She also loves that the bar's high fiber keeps her satisfied and out of her daughter's candy!"

What makes your brand different than the competitors?

"We are all in on The Meno! In addition to our menopause-supporting nutrients, we offer education, qualified physician search information, and a weekly live show on Instagram called MenoLounge Talks where we have insightful conversations with experts, advocates, and influencers. In a nutshell, our competitive advantage is our mission... To energize and empower women in the stages of menopause, one Bossa Bar at a time!"

Eating healthy during menopause is key to feeling your best. Curbing sugar cravings is possible by incorporating healthy foods into your diet. By following this, you can maintain a healthy weight and feel great during this time in your life. Going through menopause doesn't have to mean the loss of all pleasure in eating, or subjecting oneself to extreme dietary changes. Instead, women can use the experience of someone who's been there, to help them cope with the changes and make smart choices while they do. We're just giving you quick tidbits of information here, but hopefully they're helpful. As with anything, don't be afraid to talk with your doctor; an informed patient is not a scary patient.