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April 27, 2023

Motherhood; A Sleepless Journey

Mother’s Day is a cherished occasion that holds a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Lusomé/SOMÉ. From new mothers navigating the ups and downs of postpartum life, to brave women fighting cancer and struggling with hormonal imbalances, to mothers of teenage boys going through the tumultuous peri-menopause phase, we understand the unique challenges that come with motherhood.

We believe that all mother’s deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful when they lay their heads on their pillows at night. This is why we are relentless in our pursuit of delivering luxurious and innovative products that give mom’s the sleep they so desperately need and deserve. 

A Tribute to my Mom

Reflecting on the profound impact that my mother has had on my life, I am struck by the depth of her influence and the ways in which she has shaped me into the person I am today. Her unwavering support and grace have been a constant source of inspiration and guidance throughout my personal and professional journey, and I am deeply grateful for her unconditional support and love. 

As the founder of Lusomé/SOMÉ, I am acutely aware of the importance of these values and how they have been integral to our brand’s DNA.  We are dedicated to empowering women to feel strong, confident and beautiful, and we recognize that these values are critical in achieving our mission.

In many ways, my mom’s influence can be felt in every aspect of the Lusomé/SOMÉ brand, from our commitment to quality and excellence to our unwavering dedication to support women.  I am honored to carry on her legacy and continue to embody the same values she instilled in me from a young age.

Donna Pajama Set

Written by: Lara Smith

Lara Smith is an accomplished innovator with over two decades of leadership experience in retail.

Lara founded Lusomé, a solution-driven pajama brand, after experiencing her sister's battle with breast cancer and the side effects of night sweats. Prior to founding Lusomé, Lara looked for sleepwear that would ward off night sweats while simultaneously promote comfort and beauty, but most brands used 100% polyester and chemicals in the finishing process. Her vision was to create a brand that fused beauty, comfort, and science. Today, Lusomé promotes the health and sleep of its wearers through best-in-class technology that ensures a cool and dry sleep experience.

Lara’s extensive knowledge of technology and fabric is at the core of the company’s ability to address the sleep epidemic as she has spent a considerable amount of time developing smart textiles that are both beautiful but also effective.